Food Truck Counseling

  • Launching a food truck?
  • Trying to improve operations and profitability?
  • Curious about expanding your mobile fleet? 

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Corporate Event Planning

  • Looking to host a stellar party?
  • Interested in organizing a benefit sport outing?
  • Curious about catering an upcoming luncheon or meeting? 

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Branding & Marketing

  • Looking to increase your social media impact?
  • Promoting an event/brand?
  • Searching for your brand identity and marketing tone?

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Restaurant Consulting

  • Looking for help to get started?
  • Seeking better standard operating procedures?
  • Tired of not making any profit?

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Share the big news

  • Press release
  • PR/Advertising opportunities
  • Public events/Networking
  • Brand awareness

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Restaurant Solutions


Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

From opening to expanding, or from rebranding to remodeling, we do it all! Au Jus Solutions offers comprehensive consulting solutions for cafes, bars, bistros and restaurants. Whether you are looking to open the new successful venture in town, or looking to increase revenues and profitability, or contemplating to make menu and concept changes, we cover a wide spectrum of services to help you reach your goals. There are many important reasons to contact a restaurant consultant, and Au Jus Solutions provides expertise in all areas of the food and beverage industry.

Opening a new concept?

New concepts can be high risks for new restaurateurs. Build-outs are dictated by strict local health, fire and construction guidelines and requirement. The creation of a new concept entails numerous critical decisions that will dictate how your business and brand start and thrive. Choosing the best vendors, purveyors, staffers, etc. for a new concept can always be a gamble if you have not done it already.

No business experience?

You may be a talented chef with great ideas and unique skills, but running a business has never been your domain of expertise. Running a restaurant goes beyond the back of the house, and you will need to master the financial, promotional, social and commercial aspects of your new venture.

Settling in a new market?

What works in any area of the Country may not work in Baltimore and Maryland. It is our business to understand the needs and wants of your new market, its demographics and dining habits, along with the local permitting and license requirements.

Not running a profitable business?

You have been established for some time now but can't turn a profit. Au Jus Solutions can help you identify the Achilles in your business, and provide substantial solutions to those issues.

Is your message not being heard?

You have been established for some time now but can't turn a profit. Au Jus Solutions can help you identify the Achilles in your business, and provide substantial solutions to those issues.

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Food Truck Counseling


Become the new "Chef" in town

The mobile food vending business is a relentless and exhausting hands-on operation, and taking a step back is often necessary to evaluate the situation and identify new opportunities. 

Au Jus Solutions offer an array of services from a casual sit down to discuss the challenges of the food truck business, to a detailed review of operations and branding. Our goal is to help you succeed, and offer you guidance and solutions step by step. Branding, financing, design, menu development, daily operation, catering services, growth and expansion‚Ķ We cover it all! 

Key expertise

  • Branding, social media and marketing
  • Licensing and legislation
  • Design, building and menu development
  • Daily operations and staffing
  • Profitability and cost studies
  • Catering and private event booking
  • Business development and growth 

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Social Media Marketing


Stay "Au Jus"

To be "Au Jus" also means to be kept informed. Nowadays, with the constant evolution of trends and social media outlets, it is key for your business to remain "au jus" and well informed about all social media marketing available to increase foot traffic and revenues.

AJS helps you identify, set up, monitor and update all social media outlets available for your business. Let us help you organize the most efficient and cost-effective social media campaign. We offer extensive insights on social media campaigns to optimize your return on investment.

Key expertise

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Marketing and branding
  • Campaign planning, set up and evaluation
  • Photography

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Corporate Event Planning


Let us take care of everything

Hospitality services can sometimes be hard to fully understand when it falls out of your domain of expertise. 

Au Jus Solutions offers expert consulting services to assist you in all your upcoming events. From finding the perfect venue, to creating a custom design event reflecting your vision, we handle the entire planning process without stress or hassle for you. We work within your budget and needs, and take care of all details to help you create a corporate event that your company or organization will fondly remember. 

Key expertise

  • Holiday party and annual events
  • Benefit outing and fundraisers
  • Traditional and cutting-edge catering opportunities
  • Food truck events
  • Brand launching 

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